Apostle Christopher Thevar was born and raised in Rylands Estate, Cape Town, South Africa. 

Born again at the age of 13 years and experienced the new birth, power and anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rededicated his life to the Lord at the age of 25 and grew in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word.


He served the Lord for 11 years before leaving full time ministry because of hardship and struggles, hurt and pain, and wrong choices in his personal life.  He was spiritually dead and had no intentions of going back to full time ministry.  God is so gracious and merciful for HE had other things in store for HIS servant. 

The Lord called him back into full time ministry and he submitted to the call, and in 2003 he recommitted his life to Jesus and full time ministry again.  Jesus raised him from Spiritual Death, restored him and taught him truths from the Word that has changed his life forever. He has had three prophecies confirming his call to Apostleship in the Body of Christ.  His international ministry began in 2006 and has been twice to America, and once to Canada and London.  He also had two conferences in India 2009 and 2010 (Mumbai, Chennai & Rajasthan).


He started a branch of the Remember Your Creator Ministry an Mabopane in Johannesburg South Africa and flies frequently to minister and teach there. He ministers in revival, healing and prophetic services.  He wants to bless the Body of Christ with the teachings that the Holy Spirit gave him via books, dvd's and power point presentations. 

He can be contacted for personal counseling and prayer and to minister in revival, healing and deliverance services and to teach in conferences.


W.W.E   (World Wide Evangelism).....Stems from a dream I received from God

      To go wherever the Master sends me, to save souls and to plant churches and equip them, and to raise up leaders. To buy buildings to use for full time evangelism and training. To pray for the sick and set captives free and to have full time workers in the 

       Kingdom of God. To see the Believers live victoriuos lives. To write books that are relevant to the believers needs, as well as produce D V D's that encourage all in the Kingdom of God.  To preach to the lost via television and radio.

2.  SOCIAL:       

       To buy property and build safe havens for abused women and children. To  buy property to use as a bed and breakfast for International guests. To meet the needs of the Believers first, and then the others. To have teams prepare meals for the less fortunate, as well as having teams go and visit hospitals, prisons, homes to pray and encourage. To help educate young people about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, etc. To assist our Believers  with weddings and funerals.

3.  BUSINESS:   

       To buy products for the unemployed in the Church, and for them to start their own business. To educate Believers about self employment and to have workshops for Christians on how to sustain themselves. To open manufacturing plants, with Believers holding shares. To create wealth for the needy Churches World Wide.